Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High On Spirit......

"A very Small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love & life."

How you feel,when you come to know that the person about whom you were thinking that he/she has left you has gone actually nowhere but he/she had some issues to be handeled which were not to be told to you.I felt very felicitated after being received this assurance that nothing was wrong.May be it is too early to describe this whole instance after just a short discussion that also whole-heartdly with such passion that everything was just an illusion of my mind,but yet i m happy on prima faciee. I m a kind of person who finds pleasure in the slightest opportunities of happiness,which results in my alacrityness. I've suggested verticallyWhite to be spiritual,so as to tranqualize yourself,which will help to overcome your despondency. I treat verticallyWhite as me.

         " Love is a irresistable desire of  being irresistably desired."

         Now coming to the present situation, on the prima faciee things have been brought under control,by the various other factors,as much I know. On the eve of V'day I remembered many quotes but my heart didnt allowd me to express it coz of  vW.  Now that I m full of cheerfullness which vW has brought to miee, I m manifesting my mood in the form of my eternal likeness over vW through these lines------
          "A loving heart is the beginning of all knowlledge ."

        "Being deeply  loved by someone,a matter of destiny,gives you strength ; loving someone deeply,a matter of chance,gives you courage".

  I realized that adversity can both harm you and hlep you as well. I m never harmed by adversities coz my friends took it away from miee.but I was more puzzled that vW was more determined & willfully roboust by the troubles & adeversities,verticallyWhite taught me a lesson of courage & sanguineness,hatsoff to vW.
May vW reach to its goal. I've always been praying for vW about vW's goodness & wellbeing.
verticallyWhite has always been my source of strength.
        Now i hope that vW can be the type of person I thought to be & moreover will become what i always used to teach vW to be like.

         "As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words." ------

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