Thursday, February 25, 2010

A path yet to be Explored......

I used to have a comfort zone, which used to be the best place for me to dwell. I used to feel that this is my world and this is where I belong to & that used to be my cocoon for living. But as I tried to look beyond the well,I came to know that there are umpteen number of  bigger and stronger frogs hopping all around. Then, I realised the wisdom of intelligent dude Darwin and also realised why he had fat body and white hair.

           I decided to kick out my favourite pinkish and creamish walls of my home, and  just ventured out on the voyage of finding the real miee. And while I started exploring myself, I received too many Jerks,Jolts and umpteen reality checks of the world & its people.I reaslied how our silly mistakes can be our biggest blunders(most of the times they really are),how your hunch can be your biggest asset,how you feel dejected by the outer world if you dont have sufficient and required expertise in yourself,How freinds changes into just the need of hour from being your true confidante,and many more things which i'll be telling in the further lines...

          You start feeling your life insipid & you try to find & feel the livelyness in each & every step of your life. Staying away from your family & friends is big pain,not everybody know this that it can be the reason of your being roboust internally & it can too bring a sense of spirituality & modesty in your character. I can say this because it has happened. Being Nostalgic for you becomes a common thing.
          However,while I was busy adjusting my self into the new shell, I saw how world is moving too fast, which is beyond my soprano, I could not live just see how people are winning & what others are learning from their failures. I decided to adapt myself with  the moving world & not just be the one amid many but to be the Someone among many, I m still trying to curb my failures & increase my wisdom. But one thing that is not stopped yet is the failures of my life.
        verticallyWhite has been a great source of strength for miee during this face of my life, and will always be. By the virtue of  vW I kissed my comfort zone goodbye  started shaping my future.I know(&  should everybody know) that failure does'nt means that you should stop trying,but you should realise that u r 1 step closer to your sucess coz now u have removed 1 thorn from your leg.
         Now finally, i have taken a break to reassess myself  to find who i really am. Now that I have had a reality check which I wanted a very long before, I am building myself for the new manevour,which is basically goal of my life ,now  i m trying to move my 1st step  towards it,it is JOB.
         Lets see what all can I achieve from  my this move.
         Hope for the best, while I m preparing for the worst.
         Wish miee Luck......