Friday, February 12, 2010

Charges Repelling...................

Just Walking on the Lonely roads, & see where it takes me. Confused,Intrigued,Puzzled I m just treading in journey of moving to dont know where, from here,where I today stand .No Love, No Life I m quite a tensed  about myself.
                     I sometimes feel that this is the time when I have to freak out  & enjoy my life to the nost, but I feel that something is lacking in my life ,something is missing......& if this something is just one thing (one reason) that most people knowing me know, then its not like that coz what they dont know is that I treat Or say I believe that verticallyWhite for me is a religion,a faith,verticallyWhite has Larger than life meaning for me.
         I m actually not able to decide that towards which way I have to move my life,coz when I make some decesions my "theology" obstructs my way ahead, My theology has proven both beneficial & harmfull.
I m a person with great positivty, but when I really become sad my whole positivity turns  into negativity & I  find myself into a shell of darkness & sorrowness that binds my hands & eyes from doing & seeing nything of wisdom.At that time I try to regain my composure by the help of my theology ,at that moment if i sucessfully break my uncozyness then its OK,but if I fail to do such then I become a person with great negativity & with no cheerfulness in my mind. But nobody can judge my this internally altered behaviour by seeing just my face.
This is the point where even  G&S fails to understand my issues.
              To this phase of my life I term 'being lonely' with no hope from verticallyWhite.

Hope that my Philosophy & theology will help to build not break my positivity.

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